Columbia University Libraries

  • Challenge the organization to enable a thriving, inclusive community by embedding support and welcome for all identities and cultural experiences in our efforts, conversations, and actions.

  • Build, steward, and leverage collections distinguished by scope, quality, and scale to inform memory and enhance scholarship.

  • Engage with students to explore broadly, discover deeply, and participate meaningfully in a global, diverse society.

  • Cultivate a campus research environment that generates a wellspring of expertise, accelerates the production of new knowledge, and amplifies research outcomes.

  • Lead with knowledge, forge a bold, ambitious agenda, and pursue strategic innovations that accelerate library performance in partnership with a collaborative community of practice.

  • Support individual agency and create structures that allow staff to act nimbly, provoke change, and assert our roles in substantive academic endeavor.

Strategic Directions

Columbia University Libraries embarked on its Strategic Directions process to benefit from the ideas and enthusiasm of key stakeholders and staff and to provide guidance for the Libraries' decision-making, resource allocation, and partnerships for the next five years.  The resulting directions, which articulate a bold and expansive agenda for the Libraries, are guided by input from the Provost, faculty, and students and are closely aligned with University priorities.   

By listening, thinking, and planning together, our Strategic Directions inspire us to raise the expectations we have for ourselves, guide the aspirations we have to advance research and knowledge at an even higher level, and invigorate the hopes we have for the positive difference we can make in the world. 

We hope the directions motivate you to collaborate with us and lend your support to our ambitions for the Libraries' future.