Columbia University Libraries

Inspire Inquiry
Engage with students to explore broadly, discover deeply, and participate meaningfully in a global, diverse society.

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving information environment, Columbia’s students have an ever greater responsibility to understand the complexities of information, data, and scholarship and to use them ethically and effectively. The Libraries, at the intellectual heart of the University, support students as explorers, with the journey as rewarding as the results of each learning and research experience. We extend student learning by developing their literacy skills – cultural, textual, and visual – and through this process, inspiring an authentic and purposeful world view.

2018 - 2019 Accomplishments

  • In collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning, provided instructional services and research support aligned with student needs and the recently-adopted thirteen Core Competencies of Columbia College
  • Launched customized training programs to develop students as researchers-in-training with a focus on the ethical construction of knowledge and new modes of inquiry
  • Supported graduate student internships to develop students' understanding of scholarly processes and provide experiences in emerging areas of scholarship

2017 - 2018 Accomplishments

  • Evaluated existing outreach, workshops, events, and related services for students, with a focus on skill development
  • Established a framework, charge, and priorities for enhancing and expanding upon current student engagement activities throughout the Libraries