Columbia University Libraries

Catalyze Discovery
Cultivate a campus research environment that generates a wellspring of expertise, accelerates the production of new knowledge, and amplifies research outcomes.

As vital collaborators in Columbia’s research ecosystem, we work with our academic colleagues to instigate new inquiry and support evolving investigations. The Libraries build dynamic information systems that enable our scholars to create, preserve and disseminate their research in the most nimble, open and broad-scale ways.

Through our technical infrastructure, outreach efforts, and deep subject expertise, we integrate a libraries-wide network of research support services and programs into project collaborations. We marshal a unique array of human and information resources to enrich research processes, nourish creativity, and further understanding of our complex multi-disciplinary world. We pursue responsibility for multi-stream data identification and management.  We develop strategies and champion initiatives that expand access to Columbia scholars’ research outputs to the broadest possible global audience.